In 12 hours. 
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wennytime asked : I miss you a lot a lot too. ;____;



*cries because of adult responsibilities*

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I’m so tired after work these days that I just reach home, eat, shower, and sleep, jungasms

Like yesterday- I conked out on my bed at half past eight in the evening. ;___; 

buruburunyanya asked : aah I saw your post on my dash again ^^ I missed you and your (Yunho) posts. (Does Yunho's todays cap really say Fuck Swag or did I read wrong xD)

/waves hello! 

I’m just going to be in and out but not on Tumblr v long b/c I’m juggling work and commencement ceremony things and life and shit. Sigh, I don’t even have the time to write anymore… 

Re: Jung; haaahhahahah he’s been wearing a lot of sponsored clothing though, so~

lulai33 asked : Wennyyyyyyy I have missed you on my dash!! welcome back for as long or little that you're here again


/waves tearfully!

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